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Jaguars With a Win and a Loss after Spring Break

The Jaguars took on the Broughton Capitols in their first conference game after Spring Break. They fought hard but lost 13-7. Goals were scored by Braiden Stanert (2), Jay Cohn (2), Zander Adkins (1), Caleb Deak (1) and Tyler Fields (1). "We played hard from start to finish, and even though the results aren't what we wanted, we have to focus on the next game," said Willy Parham (#2).

Two days later (4/14), the Jags met back up with the Sanderson Spartans and defeated them again, 17-7. It was a big night -- not just because of the win, but it was also Senior Night AND Braxton Rush's birthday! Jay Cohn led in scoring with 6 goals, followed closely by Tyler Fields with 5 goals, Braiden Stanert with 3 goals, Carson Andrews with 2 goals and Caleb Deak with 1 goal. Liam Craig also owned the face-off stripe, taking the ball 20 out of 24 times for an 83.3% win rate. "We played hard and came up with a big dub -- hopefully starting a big win streak for our last five games," said Jack Danjczek (#6).

Nine seniors were honored before the game: Carson Andrews (#3), Braiden Stanert (#21), Owen Mutch (#10), Willy Parham, Willis Hester (#4), Anselmo Nieves (#18), Braxton Rush (#22), Carson Parrish (#28) and Philip Lloyd (#27). Your future(s) await -- GOOD LUCK!

The Jags will be playing Enloe on 4/17. Here's hoping for another win and another step towards earning a spot in the play-offs!

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