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MEEP is the chosen name of the Athens Drive Men's Lacrosse off season team. Why MEEP? No one really knows for sure, but the name was chosen by the players and has been the tradition for over a decade! Whatever the origin, it is a unique name that draws many complements in the off-season tournaments. The name is also used by Athens Drive graduates when they compete in Men's tournaments! 

The purpose of MEEP is to allow the team to play together in the off-season and develop chemistry. Using the school name is not allowed per NCHSAA rules. It is critical in the game of lacrosse that the players get to know each other. Playing together in the off-season helps develop those relationships. 

Typically, MEEP participates in summer, fall, and winter leagues as a team. They also travel to 2 or 3 fall tournaments to play together in a tournament setting that has them play 5 to 7 games in a weekend. Team bonding and playing experience are the goals. The team is usually a mix of all the classes. The purpose of that is for the older players to help the younger players learn the game, learn their teammates, and learn the Athens Drive standards!

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