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Former Athens Drive Standout, Peyton Smith, Is As Good A Person As He is A Player!

For 4 years at Athens Drive, we witnessed a player who gave his all to help the team in any way possible. He worked on his craft, the face-off position, with a passion that was unmatched. The results of that were incredible! He was as dominant at the position as any who have come out of the Triangle area. Beyond that though, was an incredible person. He freely gave his time to help others, both on the field and off. His compassion seemed to grow as his ability on the field did. To this day, he still returns to the Triangle area to help others. He coaches summer travel teams, he coaches young aspiring face-off players, Peyton has spoken at several Athens Drive lacrosse events, he finds time to participate in charity events, it truly is amazing the fantastic person he has become. That is why I was not surprised when the recent article about him hit the wires. Without fanfare, he dedicated his season to a young player who he had coached. He did this for the family of the young player who had passed away. There was no benefit for Peyton, just an example of the compassion this young man has for others and the game of lacrosse. Please read the article that I have linked to below. We are perpetually amazed and proud of Peyton Smith for representing what is great about the game of lacrosse, but more importantly, representing how to be a great person! Well done, Peyton!

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