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Jaguars Season Schedule released

The men's lacrosse team will host 9 games this year including out of conference opponents, Northwood, Broughton, and Jefferson Forest, VA visiting to Jaguar Stadium. In addition to home and away games with all 6 other conference teams, the Jags will travel to Heritage and Apex for the other out of conference games. The 17 game schedule will be challenging, but the boys have been working extremely hard in the off season. Several notable returners are 1st team All-Conference defensemen, seniors Gerardo Vasquez-Leon and Jared Gursslin, outstanding 2 year varsity goalie with 14 starts, 26 games, and a 53% save percentage, junior Zack Tucker, 3 year varsity athletic middies, seniors Nick Waller, Carter Toran, and Adam Braden, and senior attackman James Clary.

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