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Jaguars Go on the Prowl in Greenville

The Athens Drive Jaguars varsity lacrosse mens team traveled to Greenville, NC to take on the J.H. Rose Rampants on Friday, March 8. The Jags went rampant on the field -- winning 17-3. While "rampant" can refer to how an animal stands, it also means to "spread unchecked," which is exactly what the Jags did.

High scorers were: Zander Adkins (4 goals, 1 assist); Jay Cohn (4 goals, 6 assists); Jack Danjczek (3 goals, 1 assist); Caleb Deak (3 goals, 1 assist); and Tyler Fields (3 goals, 2 assists).


Face-off veteran, Liam Craig, had another good night, going 15 of 18 at the dot. Brower Evenhouse also left his own imprint, going 4 of 4 in relief.


On defense, Wes Cohn led the way with 5 takeaways and 10 ground balls, with Owen Honnold hot on his heels with 6 ground balls and 3 takeaways. Webb Linton also joined the defensive party with 6 ground balls and 2 takeaways.

Tomorrow night, the Jags take on the Apex Highschool Cougars. In case you didn't know, "Jaguars are larger, heavier, more powerful and have a stronger bite force than a Cougar" (thanks Google!). So let's bring it on their home field, boys!

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