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Jaguars Fall to the Capitals

The April 9th game against the Broughton Capitals was a tough loss. Both teams were tied at 10-3 in conference standings, so it was anyone's game. The Jags went out onto the field ready to take the win, but they lost 7-8.

Jay Cohn brought in 3 goals and 2 assists, not paying any attention to the Capitals "distracting" (aka., incredibly annoying) sounds from the behind the line. Tyler Fields also paid them no mind by locking in 2 goals and an assist. Other players disregarding the irritation the Capitals brought to our field include: Zander Adkins with 1 goal and 2 assists; Caleb Deak with a goal; and Brower Evenhouse and Jack Dancjek each with an assist.

On defense, Wes Cohn had 7 ground balls and 3 caused turnovers. Brandon Lee had 4 ground balls and 1 caused turnover. Webb Linton had 3 ground balls and 1 caused turnover. Defense was very strong -- also turning a deaf ear to any random noises made by the Capitals. Goalkeeper Cali defended his crease, with 8 saves for a 50% save percentage. 

The Jags have made us proud did not shy away from stepping onto that field with a strong offense and defense. They are up against the Sanderson Spartans on Friday the 12th for the second time this season (their first game was on March 18, where the Jags won 23-1). Next week will be a busy week with 3 games (Enloe, Green Hope and Leesville).

Keep the energy up, families and friends! The Jaguars are ranked 10th in Raleigh, and are having an amazing season. Senior Night will be on Tues, April 16th, when we're up against Enloe (we played them on 3/21 and won 12-4).

Huge shout-out to all of the JV and Varsity parents who are volunteering to support our players -- from concessions, to video and photo, to being on the field for stats/penalty box or up in the stands/announcer box for announcing, time of possession and scoreboard. Not to mention those who help line the field AND pick up and serve meals -- none of this could come together without your support. And of course, a big thank you to the entire coaching staff, who guide/push/encourage our players to do the best they can. So thank you all very, very much! Let's end our season as strong and united as we can!


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