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Jags on the Prowl for Play-offs!

The varsity Athens Jaguars took on the Leesville Pride last night in a nail-biter of a game. It could have gone either way - both teams played well - but in the end, the Jags clinched it 7-6. In a career and season highlight, Jay Cohn hit 100 points! That's impressive for a freshman. Congrats, Jay (bird)!

Caleb Deak led scoring with 3 goals, followed by Tyler Fields with 2 goals. Carson Andrews and Braiden Stanert each had 1 goal. Goalkeeper Cali put the lock down on his net, with 14 saves (a 70% save rate)! In his words: "We made it."

The Jags have 3 home games left in the season vs Cardinal Gibbons, Wakefield and Broughton. Let's go get 'em!

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