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Jags Say No to the Rampants

The Jags took on the JH Rose Rampants from Greenville, NC on home territory last night and secured another win, 18-2 (non-conference). Nine players drove the final score -- with 3 of those players scoring their first ever varsity goals (Harrison Baublitz, Bradyn Evans and Brandon Lee)! Leading the way were varsity veterans: Tyler Fields with 4 goals; Carson Andrews and Jay Cohn with 3 goals each; Wes Cohn and Jack Danjczek with 2 goals each; and Zander Adkins with one goal.

The JV and Varsity teams will take on Cardinal Gibbons tonight on their field. In the words of Coach K: "You don't just be a team. You become a team. Through tough games you find that you need each other." Give it all you got, Jags!

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