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Another Win for the Jags

The chillier air on Monday, March 13 did not stop the heat that the Jags brought to Clayton. With a 20-2 win, we saw Liam Craig go 22 out of 24 face-off's at the stripe and goalkeeper "Kali" kept it tight at the post, only allowing the Comets to get two shots in (and some would question the second one since it rolled in, but hey! Winners don't dispute the small stuff).

Jay Cohn and Tyler Fields led scoring -- Jay with 7 and Tyler with 5. Carson Andrews, Zander Adkins, Caleb Deak and Braiden Stanert brought the consistency with 2 goals each.

"We had a rough first quarter," said Fields (#13). "But we locked in for the next 3 and brought it home."

The Jags take on the Jordan Falcons at Athens tonight (March 15). Time to fly high, Jags, and bring in another win!

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