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Committee Leads: These people are in charge of organizing their committees. They will also learn, then teach others the responsibilities of the committee.

Field Lining: Up to 4 people needed for lining the game and practice fields. Game field can be lined up to 2 days prior to game, but preferred the night before.

Concessions: At least 4 parents needed per home game to run the concessions stand. We are required to have the concessions stand open and staffed for each home varsity and JV game. Varsity parents will work JV games and JV parents will work varsity games so that they can watch their sons play. This is a critical function for the Jag Club.

Home Game: This committee has multiple functions. Providing a time keeper/scoreboard operator, penalty box person, and announcer for all home games. An announcer is not mandatory for JV games, but is for varsity games. These jobs require a bit of training but are not difficult. Time keeper/scoreboard operator needs to pay attention to the game flow, starting and stopping the clock when needed and keeping accurate score. The penalty box person simply tracks penalties on a paper and releases players when penalties are served. The announcer can be creative when announcing players, goals, and other announcements, but must be at least 21 years old. 


Communications: This function will assist the head coach with communications and social media. One person will need to be in charge of the team twitter account. Another person, or persons, will be needed to write game recaps. Additional announcement write ups may also be needed. Suggestions on web site improvements, or other means of communication would be welcomed! 

Team Meals: Multiple people are needed to organize, purchase, deliver, and serve the pre-game meals to the teams. Times for the meals will be determined by home and away schedules. Any expenses are re-imbursed. This is a critical need for the boys to be properly fed prior to games. 

Fundraising: The team could not function without raising funds. These people will work with the head coach to organize fundraisers for optimum efficiency. There are two fundraisers, poinsettias in the fall and mulch in the spring. Much of the organizational foundation has been done for these in the past. There are well defined tasks that need to be handled and are best accomplished by several individuals working together. 

Video: It is important that all of our games be videoed. The tapes help the boys learn from watching themselves, provide video to send to college coaches, and allow us the ability to verify statistics. The coaches also use the video in sessions to demonstrate the points of emphasis. Cameras are provided. A person to video the JV game and another to video the varsity game are needed. Training is provided.

Statistics/bookkeeper: This position needs 2 people at each game, for both varsity and JV. These people would sit at the scorers table and record the statistics of the game as they happen. It is a required position for varsity games and needed for JV games. Game officials use the home stat keepers as "official" scorekeepers. Training is provided, practice is necessary! While only 2 are needed at each game, it is recommended that up to 4 people are familiar with the task to make sure that we have the necessary help at each game.


Facilities: These positions will assist with the upkeep of the game and practice facility when needed. There are occasional projects that need to be done to improve the facilities that we use. It is helpful if you are handy with tools and have knowledge of things like woodworking, painting, and building.


Photographer: This person or persons will take photos during the game. Live action shot experience is helpful, but not required. If you have a hobby of taking pictures, this is the position for you! You get to be on the sidelines for games. These pictures would be posted for access  by the players on the website. They are also used for recruiting and senior night photos!

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