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Poinsettia Fundraiser:


This fall fundraiser helps the team to pay for many of the things that we need prior to the season. It also gives us the ability to pay for meals for the players prior to our Mulch fundraiser money being available in mid-March.

The plants are North Carolina grown, great size for centerpieces, and long lasting. We sell 2 colors, white and red. The cost is $11 per plant or $10.00 per plant if 5 or more plants are ordered. The plants are picked up on the first Saturday in December. Delivery is up to the player, however, on very large orders, we will find a way! 


Mulch Fundraiser:

The spring mulch fundraiser is the lifeblood of the Athens Lacrosse program. It is where we raise the bulk of the money to fund our program. The funds are used for helmets, nets, balls, practice pennies, game uniforms, shooter shirts, transportation, referees, assistant coach stipends, senior night festivities, end of the year banquet, and a variety of other needs that the program has. 

We have shredded pine bark and hardwood mulch available. We also sell NC long leaf pine straw. The cost is $4.75 per bag of mulch and $7.00 per bale of pine straw. Free delivery is offered on orders of 20 units or more. Orders are taken beginning in late January and the product is delivered and/or picked up in mid-March. It is mandatory that all players participate in this fundraiser. The Saturday of delivery is an event unto itself! FAMILY! 

Venmo: @AthensMensLacrosse
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